Share-house domanoie was founded at the Nishijin area of Kyoto in 2011 by 3 architecture students from the Kyoto Institute of Technology.


Originally constructed as an oriya (weaving-house), the traditional building features an unusually broad doma (earth-floored space), which inspired us for the naming. The doma, which is also called toriniwa (passing garden) is a space for handwork and for the interaction between the residents and the public.


Building on this traditional background, our aim from the very beginning was to create a living space, that can also serve as a home for creative projects and a location for community activities. This was the main drive behind the architectural concepts for the renovation.


As for the renovation, we applied traditional technologies and materials trying to reuse what was handed down to us at the site. We consider this as a way of a sustainable life: building on the heritage of past generations, but dynamically re-interpreting this based on our present needs. Since these needs change with the different life situations, as well with the shuffling of the inhabitants, our focus is on a flexible approach towards the sculpting of the spaces instead of striving to create a rigid final form.